Hi everyone, I can’t believe August is already over and summer’s fired away. We are almost at the end of the year already, it’s crazy how time goes fast. I’m already thinking about soft and warm sweaters and the thousand cups of hot chocolate with cinnamon that I will drink….

Wait, I got carried away with my imagination, summer is not over yet! That is why I want to talk to you about one of the main pieces of my summer closet.
We all have a favorite t-shirt, the one we wear endlessly, which makes us feel comfortable at all times and in any case and that we will continue to keep in our closet even when it’s falling apart. LOL. I’m talking about that “magical” shirt that goes with everything.

This summer, for me this shirt was a white Levi’s with a red logo, simple and clean for a casual look and always trendy. I’ve been in the store for a while and finally bought it at a great deal! It’s comfortable and a classic, styled with a pair of jeans it makes me think of California’s 90s and the guys of Beverly Hills 90210. Here it is, the outfits of Donna, Brenda, Andrea, and Kelly returned to dictate trend with their looks, made of high waisted jeans, oversized jackets, blazers with high shoulder pads, fluorescent bodysuits, so socal!By revisiting these looks and adapting them to my style, I got two different outfits. Levi’s; skirt, leather or jeans; silver sandals with laces for a quick and casual look.

An oversized jacket on top styled with a classic pair of mom jeans and sneakers on the feet and this is the second outfit is this total jeans outfit, perfect for the transition period summer/fall.

I hope you are enjoying the last days of summer wherever you are. Here’s some idea on how to style my Levi’s. How do you wear your “magical” shirt?



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