Easy and quick. That’s how my everyday makeup should be.
During the week I don’t have much time, between college, work, on and off the subway, meeting with my friends, I need a simple makeup that can last all day.
Can you, in total honesty, say that you never looked for a tutorial on Youtube in which some makeup guru would teach you how to look perfect for any occasion?

Well, I still do it and I’ve come to the conclusion that thanks to those awesome tutorial I learned new techniques but not the ability of a makeup artist.
Sure time and practice allowed me to improve and to find my own style. I finally realized that I don’t need many products, just a good base of the few ones right for me.
Before starting anything, you need to know your skin in every single detail: is it oily? Is it dry? Is it sensitive?
Try a quick research on the internet or consult a dermatologist to find out your skin-type.
As for me, I have a pretty good skin except for slightly enlarged pores on my nose and an oily T-zone.

Even though I live in the international and cosmopolitan Milan, I did struggle in the past to find the right shades of foundation, concealer and nude lipstick for my skin-tone. It was pretty frustrating!
Luckily today things seem to start changing! With this “new” inclusivity concept t, I can finally find the right shades for my skin in every store and with the launch of Fenty Beauty in Italy, we all can finally have the right foundation! Check my last post about the Fenty Beauty Party I got invited to (HERE).


Here are the steps for my everyday makeup.

Primer is the base of my makeup, it makes my skin hydrated and smooth. I use it especially on my critical area, my T-zone, it helps to minimize my pores and it makes the skin ready for foundation.

The Pore Professional Matte Reduce by Benefit Cosmetics (HERE) and Sephora’s primer (HERE) are my favorites right now. The first one totally cover my imperfections while the second one gives me a more natural look.






Step 2^ fondation e concealar

I started using Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation n° 450 by Fenty Beauty a few months ago, it’s a light foundation with a matte effect. N° 450 has a warm undertone tending to orange which makes it perfect for my skin.

After the foundation I use the concealer to cover my under eye circles and to give my face more dimension. For this I use Espresso by LA Girl (HERE), with a beauty blender which helps me reach every single corner of my face.

makeup step 3^ eyebrows

I don’t know how my life was before I started retouching my eyebrows. Surely it was not a great life or a great view lol! Since I started designing my eyebrows I never stopped.

I call this “the crucial step” because even the smallest mistake could compromise the whole makeup. That’s why maximum concentration is necessary for this operation.

I use four tools to give the right shape to my eyebrows.

  1. Ka-brows by Benefit Cosmetics colored cream-gel (HERE)
  2. Invisible gel Eyebrow Fix&Define by Wicon Cosmetics (HERE)
  3. Mac Cosmetics lashes brush (HERE)
  4. La Girl concealer (HERE)








makeup step 4^ 4^ highlighter e gloss

During the week I rather have a simple and natural look, that’s why I choose gloss for my lips and a slightly shiny highlighter. I like to use a little bit of both because they reflect the sunlight adding volume and definition to my face. Love it!!

For this I use Blomb (HERE)  and Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule Killwhat by Fenty Beauty (HERE).

What are your secret steps for a fast and glowing everyday makeup? Let me know commenting below.



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